On hearing aids ...

Charlie Swinbourne: The 10 most annoying things about hearing aids

My sharing, related to this interesting article.

3) I hate noisy environments. When alone,  I can turn the hearing aids off or switch to a low-volume mode. But with friends,  I need to concentrate and rely more on lip reading. This can't be avoided. Places with delicious food tend to be places with lots of people, naturally. :)

5) I keep spare batteries in my belt bags which I always carry. Can't take the risk. :)

6) The reason that I changed to in-the-canal model is not about appearance. My sweat was the main reason that my former behind-the-ear hearing aids got wet and then malfunctioned, nearly once every year. Perhaps BTE models are now better in water resistance?

8) The hearing aids are so expensive that I never used them while playing sports. [Like the author, I used to play football too, :)]

"Stupid questions not to ask a disabled person - Defying the Label Season" - BBC Three

An interesting video. I discussed with a friend a few days ago about what it means to be "normal" for people with disabilities. I cannot speak for others. I can only speak for me.

Feeling comfortable to talk about hard of hearing, like many other daily life issues people talk about, is the normal life I want.

Telling me that I am "normal" and treating me as a "normal" person, as if I were *not* hard of hearing, this is *not* normal.

Avoiding to talk about disabilities is *not* normal.


Sometimes, what we have is not a problem to solve, but a person to love.

(This came to my mind when thinking about an incidence about my son and me. A good reminder.)