Shari Eberts: What would your ideal hearing aid be like? Here’s my list (The Limping Chicken)

Shari Eberts: What would your ideal hearing aid be like? Here’s my list (The Limping Chicken)

Mine can be muted. I explicitly requested adding this mode. It is necessary for very noisy environments.

I hope CIC hearing aid will be Bluetooth enabled. Without Bluetooth is a major disadvantage compared to BTE hearing aid.

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《由街頭出走到自主劇場》: 王艷璇 @ 識‧劇域 / 人仔 @ 社群藝術策展人、職業故事 [RTHK][面書]
聽完之後,思考一些我不懂但很想去認識的,或一些我自以為稍懂但原來完全不懂的: 何謂共融?何謂展能藝術?何謂藝術?藝術與生活?

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園遊會, 手語

又到園遊會。都鐘意帶小朋友去玩,但又好怕嘈。此所以點解覺得 hard of hearing / oral deaf 都要諗諗學手語,因為總有戴機都冇乜用嘅時候。(如果有親子手語班就好。:p)

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Tips on dealing with deafness by Teresa Garratty

Have just read this article:

Teresa Garratty: 10 tips on dealing with deafness (that I wish I’d known) @ The Limping Chicken

Good tips! My sharing on some of them"

1) Batteries:

Yes! EVERYWHERE! I always have some batteries wherever I go.

3) Smartwatch:

That's why I decided to wear a (smart)watch, after having wear no watch, smart or not, for maybe twenty years. :p

6) Subtitles:

Subtitles are important. I like watching the English versions of animation movies in cinemas, not because they are better or more "original," but because Cantonese versions nearly always have NO subtitles! Lip-reading is next-to-useless for animation movies not in the "original" languages. A long time ago, I watched the Cantonese version of CARS in a cinema, and I barely knew what happened due to the not-so-good sound system. A very bad experience. :<


去晒兩節:「手語。悠落區」-手語推廣活動計劃系列活動 之 「雙語推廣講座」及「雙語推廣體驗小組」



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