Tips on dealing with deafness by Teresa Garratty

Have just read this article:

Teresa Garratty: 10 tips on dealing with deafness (that I wish I’d known) @ The Limping Chicken

Good tips! My sharing on some of them"

1) Batteries:

Yes! EVERYWHERE! I always have some batteries wherever I go.

3) Smartwatch:

That's why I decided to wear a (smart)watch, after having wear no watch, smart or not, for maybe twenty years. :p

6) Subtitles:

Subtitles are important. I like watching the English versions of animation movies in cinemas, not because they are better or more "original," but because Cantonese versions nearly always have NO subtitles! Lip-reading is next-to-useless for animation movies not in the "original" languages. A long time ago, I watched the Cantonese version of CARS in a cinema, and I barely knew what happened due to the not-so-good sound system. A very bad experience. :<