Bring out the best

Choose only the best when finding a partner? Shopping or investment?

Look only at the best in the partner? Bias?

Choose the good (may not be the best),
  look at the good (and acknowledge something not so good), and
  bring out the best in the partner?

This may be love ... I think.

There is a lot to learn in love. :)

On hearing aids ...

Charlie Swinbourne: The 10 most annoying things about hearing aids

My sharing, related to this interesting article.

3) I hate noisy environments. When alone,  I can turn the hearing aids off or switch to a low-volume mode. But with friends,  I need to concentrate and rely more on lip reading. This can't be avoided. Places with delicious food tend to be places with lots of people, naturally. :)

5) I keep spare batteries in my belt bags which I always carry. Can't take the risk. :)

6) The reason that I changed to in-the-canal model is not about appearance. My sweat was the main reason that my former behind-the-ear hearing aids got wet and then malfunctioned, nearly once every year. Perhaps BTE models are now better in water resistance?

8) The hearing aids are so expensive that I never used them while playing sports. [Like the author, I used to play football too, :)]

"Stupid questions not to ask a disabled person - Defying the Label Season" - BBC Three

An interesting video. I discussed with a friend a few days ago about what it means to be "normal" for people with disabilities. I cannot speak for others. I can only speak for me.

Feeling comfortable to talk about hard of hearing, like many other daily life issues people talk about, is the normal life I want.

Telling me that I am "normal" and treating me as a "normal" person, as if I were *not* hard of hearing, this is *not* normal.

Avoiding to talk about disabilities is *not* normal.


Sometimes, what we have is not a problem to solve, but a person to love.

(This came to my mind when thinking about an incidence about my son and me. A good reminder.)








(佢應該未識去搞 Gag,唔似係專登,我估係咁啱咁諗。:p )

A newsgroup post 20 years ago

Interesting. Just found out that newsgroup posts are still being stored and available online. I found a message that I posted nearly 20 years ago, asking a question about SPSS 6.0! Time flies!

Think twice before posting anything online. It can stay for a long long long time, maybe till the end of the Internet. :)




--- 2016年9月30日 發於面書




(發呢啲帖,我唔當係“社交”,因為有冇人睇,我都會發,自己留個記錄。:p )

--- 2016年9月28日 發於面書



而家科技一日千里,好多嘢都一兩年就淘汰咗。而我呢支,十年以上,而家重用到冇壞,都係一種成就。雖然有一段長時間好少用,可能幾個月先用一陣 :p ,但放咁耐啲膠都唔溶,都算唔話得,夠耐用。

(其實唔係唔想換,係覺得買咗都會好少時間玩,有啲浪費,諗下諗下,由 25 到 27 到 29,都重未覺得化算。)

"Infinity gets boring" ...

When infinity gets boring: What went wrong with No Man’s Sky -- Douglas Heaven, New Scientist

I don't have time for this kind of games. I don't know whether the article is fair in commenting the game. But I find the topic interesting. Variety is not enough. Randomness is not enough. Ironically, we can find variety and randomness boring. So, can we write algorithms that can respond to the players and keep generating content that they find interesting?

Let's think about user-generated content from highly moddable games. Some games can be popular for several years, being kept alive by user-generated mods. Some may not be of professional quality, but (some) users do know what (some) users want.

Then the question is, can we write algorithms that can mod a game in response to an individual user?

A very challenging question. And I think this actually is a psychological question, not a programming one nor AI one.

Where Do I Belong

I wish I had the opportunity to grow up in a community. I know very few people who are hard of hearing. Not because there are few. There are many. However, we do not have a community. Sometimes I envy the Deaf. They have a community. They know where they belong to. Some people I know who are hard of hearing strive to be "normal". But no, we can't be normal if by normal it means being normal in hearing. It is isolating because it is not easy to know where we belong ... and it is not completely up to us. To belong to a community, you need to be accepted.

Maybe I can study this topic. :)


有部電腦用咗八年,之前間唔中就要試幾次先開到機,或甚至試極都開唔到,過幾個鐘試,又會忽然開到。但就算開到,有時又會入唔到POST畫面。原來佢同時有兩個病,但兩個病嘅病徵又唔係成日出現。我一時大意兼心急,要搞一輪先發現到。一係機箱電源制唔穩定。我用咗咁耐電腦都未時過壞呢樣,早幾日忽然諗起冇檢查呢樣。唔插機箱電源制條線,攞鏍絲批,次次一插就開到,所以推斷係機箱電源制壞。解決咗呢樣,淨返嘅就好辦。拎走晒啲嘢再一件一件插返,原來 RAM 又壞壞地。咁啱早排又問屋企人有冇唔用嘅舊 RAM,攞定啲看門口,所以有 RAM 可以換落去。如果唔係,都幾難買到啱佢嘅 RAM。

搞咗咁耐,呢部八歲嘅機又用得返。佢係真真地嘅舊機,CPU連底板連機箱未換過,本來重有軟碟機,不過早排拆走咗。裝資料嘅硬碟重係行IDE。只係OS硬碟換咗 SSD。




意外意外,意料之外。戴唔到助聽器嘅情況,遠比戴唔到眼鏡多。就算冇意外,年紀大,身體始終會慢慢壞。要多啲搵機會練返手語,唔係就會唔記得晒,“手到用時方恨「生」”。 :)



今日送兩姐弟返學,過馬路前,同細佬講緊嘢,對面嘅人又好似全部過緊嚟,行咗一步,發覺遠方嘅車好似唔停,重有司機揚手示意我過。心諗,冇理由㗎,紅綠燈喎,唔係綠燈咩? 使乜揚手?




提醒一: 過馬路「前」,唔好傾計。
提醒二: 就算全部人都過,唔等如係綠燈。(不嬲都知,:p , 不過提自己多一次。)
提醒三: 過馬路時,無論乜嘢燈,都要望車嚟嘅方向,有錯都可即時糾錯。
提醒四: 平時再小心,都有出錯機會。就算平時做開,都不妨再提醒下自己,會更小心。
提醒五: 身教有用。

"Harvard to Offer American Sign Language Course in Fall" @ The Havard Crimson

Harvard to Offer American Sign Language Course in Fall @ The Havard Crimson

A good move. There are many language courses in universities. And sign languages *are* languages. Hope more and more universities will deliver courses on sign languages (and I hope I can take them, :p).

阿仔噚日忽然同我講話:「米奇呀!」原來佢係講舊雲。睇落又有啲似。^^ (冇修圖,原汁原味。) (澳門望去氹仔)



大人講,係爛 gag。小朋友講,係可愛。^^













澳門花王堂街 https://goo.gl/maps/HgizZdbHNHP2






Handheld camera animation in Blender


Wow! A very creative technique! I have been wondering how to simulate handheld camera shaking for a long time. His technique is simple and flexible!




每次普通傷風感冒,辛苦緊有,但都有盼望。就好似爬上一個 normal distribution 或 chi-squared distribution (df > 2)。雖然 SD 或大或少,距離或近或遠,條尾或長或短,但總有到 mode 然後回落嘅一日。

Weekend ...

I want to try something new: As little work as possible on weekend. First, I want to see whether a break, a real one, can enhance efficiency on weekdays. Maybe fewer A and more B would lead to better results in both A and B. So it is still about work: Trying to treat work and leisure not as two parts competing for the same resource, but as two parts that can benefit each other. Second, I should be fair to my family. Ultimately, I can be replaced at work. Many people are replaceable at work. But my role as a member of my family is unique to me and cannot be replaced.

(... but let's see whether I really can stick to this plan. :p)