"Infinity gets boring" ...

When infinity gets boring: What went wrong with No Man’s Sky -- Douglas Heaven, New Scientist

I don't have time for this kind of games. I don't know whether the article is fair in commenting the game. But I find the topic interesting. Variety is not enough. Randomness is not enough. Ironically, we can find variety and randomness boring. So, can we write algorithms that can respond to the players and keep generating content that they find interesting?

Let's think about user-generated content from highly moddable games. Some games can be popular for several years, being kept alive by user-generated mods. Some may not be of professional quality, but (some) users do know what (some) users want.

Then the question is, can we write algorithms that can mod a game in response to an individual user?

A very challenging question. And I think this actually is a psychological question, not a programming one nor AI one.